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        Our company who specializes in fire industry was established in 1980 in Istanbul/Turkey. We have been active in the fire industry approximately for 30 years. NORD DESIGN is the worldwide manufacturer of filling, testing and maintenance machines. Our products are produced according to the national and international standards. We also specialize in designing and producing new types of machines according to the customer needs.

        Today NORD DESIGN is one of the international companies able to supply such a wide range of equipment for fire extinguishers and oxygen cylinders maintenance, testing and filling. We have become an expert reference for the fire industry. Our company's fundamental policy and principle is to satisfy our customers by fullfilling their demands, requirements accurately on time.

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  • A new version of SUPER FILLER is available. Now remote machine access is possible also now operate the machine is much more easy by its new touch screen.

  • A new version of SILK SCREEN PRINT is available. Now installation and usage steps are much more easy.

  • Check our new type of LEAK TEST machines. Fast and easiest way to check the cylinders.

  • A new version of Manual Foam Filler machine is being designed! This new model that provides easy and comfortable working opportunities to the operator will be available soon.

  • A new fully automatic welding machine is being designed! A new fully automatic machine is being designed to weld the coupling to the fire extinguisher cylinder in an easy and fast way.

  • A very special gun, Speedy Nitrogen is designed and produced to provide you fast and easy pressurizing operation for all types of fire extinguishers. You can check all the technical informations from product pages.

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